Zoom recorded huge increase in subscribers and revenue due to pandemic


Zoom had a blockbuster quarter as its application turned into an epidemic video conferencing administration. In a profit report today, Zoom generated a detailed $ 328 million in revenue during the February-April quarter. This is more than double the same time a year ago, when it earned $ 122 million, and comes in at over $ 200 million that Zoom was expecting when it would only give the direction a few months earlier.

Zoom does not reveal how many people have used its product in recent months, however, the organization claims it contains “an unprecedented number of free members” in 100,000 K-12 schools. Zoom currently has about 265,400 customers with more than 10 representatives, a number that grew by 354 percent, the organization says, and includes 175,000 licenses for new customers. The huge increase in usage has led to a manifold increase in costs, though – with a significant increase in costs – up to $ 201 million over the year.

ZOOM continues to make changes for those users

The earnings report, after the first epidemic of Zoom, offers a more in-depth look at how the organization progressed in its video travel programming, as it has become an accepted tool for working people and contacts with loved ones A large part of the world is trapped while living in At home. Zoom recently stated that usage has developed for 300 million assembly members every day, up from just 10 million in December. The figure has fallen below its top in April, Zoom CFO Kelly Steckberg said on a call with financial experts, “Although over the long haul, we expect it to grow past the number of 300 million.”

For some time, Zoom’s top requirement is simply to maintain its servers, Yuan said, “on the basis that the number of such important individuals depends on Zoom to be connected.”

An incentive has increased significantly in recent times in Zoom’s stock, which today is around $ 200 before profit, up from around $ 68 towards the beginning of the year. The organization opened to the world in April 2019 for $ 36 per share.


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