Xiaomi Diary With fingerprint Unlock Function Launched


Xiaomi diary with fingerprint unlock

As the name itself suggests, this product is equipped with a fingerprint unlocking module in the diary, which can be said to be quite cool.

The fingerprint encryption module supports living body biometrics. It can be pressed 360 ° in all directions. It can be locked by locking gently and takes only 0.5 seconds to open the lock and can be opened with one touch.

Xiaomi uses a USB interface to charge the diary with fingerprint unlock function, built-in 160mAh lithium polymer battery, open and closed 10 times a day, the longest standby of 60 days.

Xiaomi Diary With fingerprint Unlock Function

The diary can be used for important meeting records, momentary inspiration, plan lists, precious and personal photos, personal diaries, financial records, account passwords, important anniversaries, etc.

Available in gray and dark green, built-in multiple storage slots, both recording and storage functions, easy storage of business cards, cards, certificates, bills, etc., special pen slots, easy to bring pens.

Xiaomi Diary With fingerprint Unlock Function

A diary so expensive is not inherently disposable. The B6 size uses standard core high-quality full wood pulp double adhesive paper and can be replaced after use.


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