Xiaomi 120W fast charging charger revealed: With power up to 100W


The power of mobile phone fast charging is getting larger and larger, and most commercial usage has reached 65W, and this is clearly not the end. Many laboratories have more high-power technologies, such as Xiaomi. Today, there is a lot of news on the internet, Xiaomi is actually producing a fast charging charger “Xiaomi 120W Fast Charging Charger” with power up to 120W!

Xiaomi 120W Fast Charging Charger

As seen from the screenshot, this Xiaomi 120W Fast Charging Charger is not small, the model is “MDY-12-ED”, and it supports up to 120W power with a voltage of 20V and a current of 6A.

However, the mobile phone does not support 120W, but corresponds to 100W, voltage of 20V and current of 5A, and current can be up to 6A, but the corresponding voltage should be reduced to 11V, which is 66W power.


Other charging specifications also support 5V3A 15W and 9V3A 27W.

However, the authenticity of the exposure is yet to be verified.

Xiaomi 120W fast charging charger


In late March 2019, Xiaomi once announced a fast charging technology called “Super Charge Turbo”, which will have a maximum power of up to 100W, to be fully charged with a 4000mAh battery in 17 minutes under boot condition Can.

It is said that the Xiaomi 120W fast charging charger uses a range of two-cell designs, adds two wires of battery technology, and a 98% ultra-high efficiency 2: 1 charge pump. At the same time, it uses extremely low impedance and high cost materials that break down.

Xiaomi 120W fast charging charger

Several important technologies have been incorporated on high-voltage charge pumps (dual-string battery architecture, high-power charging), 9-fold charge protection (including 7-fold protection on the motherboard side, 2-fold protection). Battery side), and an independent MCU (guarantees crash and charge) protection), wired + wireless fusion architecture, MTW cell structure (low internal resistance, low temperature, fast charging rate) and so on.


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