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Textra Pro permits customers to employ more than 180 exclusive topics to their textual content messages in the text. SMS, switching one of receiving and sending unfastened SMS despatched through WhatsApp and Messenger. Send and get loose texts from WhatsApp, Messenger, and different famous messaging programs including Facebook Messenger and Google Hangouts. The program brings the fundamental characteristics of a messaging program.

Textra SMS is the default messaging app that replaces your own Android apparatus on Android gadgets, and also the Organizer is available for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows Phone. The program also supports a pop-up notification, which allows changing the telling light shade.

This utility brings all of the fundamental capabilities of a messaging application and gives lots of exceptional functions to enhance the person’s experience. Textra SMS additionally has an integrated recording apparatus for the one’s idle folks who are idle to kind messages.

The program also supports pop-up alarms that assist you to change the telling light coloration, moreover, to get the right of entry to textual content messages inside the background of this app.


The fabric layout of the Textra app is easy but additionally consists of all of the features of a messaging program. Android Messages is Google’s individual SMS app.it includes a massive variety of themes that users can personalize. Including color, font, color scheme, fonts, colors and colors, icons, and extra.

A number of the satisfactory capabilities are: Conveniently ship and get SMS messages from your pc, replies for messages, most popular.

Send and get textual content messages from your notebook, reply to messages, many popular, and let your gadgets work better collectively through definitely transferring matters between gadgets. From looking at telephone notifications on your computer to stay connected, taking benefit of previously difficult, hopeless, or easy ways to without issues switch files, links, and much more for your tool, PushBullet saves you time.

It makes it effortless for your own gadgets to operate collectively higher with the help of letting you without difficulty pass matters one of the gadgets and transfer files, messages, and extra among them.

Best Android Messaging AppTextra APK

Importantly it makes it clear in your apparatus to operate collectively higher by permitting you to easily transfer things between gadgets and switch documents, messages, and also additional among them. We have furnished a download link below.

Even though there are a lot of different free messaging applications available. It doesn’t bore you with superior installation capacities. It has many beneficial functions that will assist you to compose messages.

Textra pro apk download messaging program is substituted by many apps in the user end. And set up with a more on your android telephone number. When you launch a Textra Program it will give you the flexibility of helpful and messages to meet your requirements.

Characteristics Textra pro apk

It helps you express your feelings with your friends. Textra SMS has over 2000 emoticons, from facial expressions: happy, sad, excited, emotional, angry,… vehicles: motorcycles, bicycles, automobiles, planes until animals: chickens, cats, dogs, cows, birds, pigs. But when you install the program, it only includes emoticon packs. This will waste memory.

Bubble alternatives: Textra SMS includes more than 20 types of bubbles with unique shapes to pick from. Any content you send, or you get from somebody is going to be wrapped in such bubbles.

Custom colors: A dialog will become more interesting if you’re able to customize the color for anything. Would you like blue bubbles? The yellow text in which color should be red?

Program: First, select the”Schedule” feature in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. After that, you may name the program, choose a particular date /month/year and time. The program will notify you 30 minutes in advance as soon as your program starts. Smart, easy, and easy to use.

In addition, the program also has some other useful features. However, should you download the Textra SMS application on Google Play, it will show a whole lot of ads, but if you download it in this article, we will eliminate most advertisements to prevent you from being bothered.



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