Selpic P1 – The World’s Smallest Handheld Printer Live on Indiegogo Now!


Selpic INC has announced the launch of P1, which is now the world’s smallest inkjet handheld printer on Indiegogo

This handheld device is compact, lightweight and easy to use that lets you get high quality, fast printing on different surfaces, anytime anywhere. This completely changes the way we think about printing.

The CellPic P1 is a wireless inkjet printer that can print text, logos, memes, QR codes, barcodes, etc. on a wide version of surfaces including paper, textiles, leather, wood, even on curved or uneven ones in an easy way.

Weighing only 92g (0.21 Ibs) and designing like a pen, the Seljic P1 is the smallest and lightest printer in the inkjet printing industry by far. This compact mobile printer can easily be carried in pockets, bags and briefcases for worry-free printing.

This small but powerful printer is equipped with a lot of amazing features. It supports printing horizontally, vertically. In addition, you are allowed to easily change the printing direction from left to right or right to left.

In addition, Selpic P1 is capable of printing across multiple lines. There can be an almost unlimited number of lines in your print!

Built-in 600 * 600 dpi, equipped with only 300 nozzles and 0.002 inch nozzle spacing, each can reject 18 million drops per second, all these advanced printing and ink technologies produce the highest results for your business. Just experience outstanding print quality when you use Selpic cartridges.

This printer is very easy to use, you can survive all your ideas in just 3 steps, no special skills are required.

In addition, this printer offers 8 cartridge colors to choose from, which can meet various individual printing demands. You can get stunning effects on dark or light surfaces.

More importantly, Selpic P1 printers and cartridges are made with aluminum alloys and recycled plastics that are no harm to the ecosystem or the environment. Meanwhile, it used advanced software instead of hardware, adopted a shorter and simpler design, creating much more compact and lightweight packaging. Thus it is a good choice for the environment.

This revolutionary device is now available on Indiegogo with special deals and discounts for early adoption. Learn more here:


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