Nubia Releasing Internet Smart TV: 55-inch 4K Screen Display


In recent years, mobile phone manufacturers have stepped into the TV market one after another, and several mobile phone brands including Huawei and Xiaomi have launched their TV products. According to recent media reports, Nubia will also enter Internet TV and become a new competitor in the TV market.

It is reported that Nubia has collaborated with Kobaka a few years ago to launch a touch smart TV equipped with the Nubia UI with a 55-inch 4K screen and 2GB + 16GB memory configuration. There is also a module that can be plugged into a mobile phone on the back. With the screen projection function of the nubia mobile phone, the screen of the mobile phone can be projected onto the TV, so that users no longer need remote control.

Nubia Releasing Internet Smart TV

It can be said that the production of TVs by mobile phone brands has set fire to fierce competition in TV circles. They also used new concepts or game methods to give up simple and crude price battles of the past, providing consumers with more choices. Re-energizing the TV industry, facing the future and thinking about what experience consumers should bring in the future is actually an improvement.

However, for Nubia, entering the TV circle faces not only Huawei and Honor but also older players like Samsung and Sony, who want to stand out from the crowd and truly take root in the Internet TV circle. Let’s take it. It is not an easy task.

Now Internet TV will enter a strong competitor, and competition in the TV industry will become more intense in the future. Stay connected to XiaomiToday for more updates


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