Instagram added pinned comments feature to better moderate threads


Social media sites are going beyond the days of our expectations by adding more advanced features to either Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Here we have brought another good news for Insta Lovers. Yes, Instagram has added a new feature to the pinned comments feature in the app.

Now Instagram users can pin their favorite comment to the top of the comment section. Users can now pin up to three comments on an Instagram post to better control the overall tone of your post’s comment thread. Insta officially announced on Tuesday the features announced in May, but it has now rolled out. The facility is a widespread response to fighting online bullying.

Instagram added pinned comments

The comment section of Instagram posts can often be a place where online trolls and cyberbullies thrive. By giving users more control over what types of comments they see first, Instagram hopes it will limit online harassment.

To use the new feature, simply swipe right on the comment you want to pin and click the pin icon. The person making the comment will be notified that you postponed their comment.

The photo-sharing platform also implemented an AI-powered feature last year that automatically detects potentially nasty content and asks an aggressive user if they still want to post it. The purpose of the warning is to illuminate it before preventing negativity.

Bullying is a particular problem in young people on Instagram. A 2017 study found that 17% of teens are harassed online, and the majority of cybercrime is on Instagram. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri acknowledged that this is an ongoing problem, and previously said that the platform is trying to do more to empower bullying targets to stand up for themselves.


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