HiBy announces the world’s first 4G flagship R8 Music player!!


A lot of companies have been announcing virtual online product launching events for their new devices in the last few months. HiBy has decided that he is going to do the same. HiBy has a very high reputation in the audio market. They are producing some great products like HiBy R6, R6 Pro, R3 Pro Audio Player, which are highly praised by audiophiles for their consistent performance and premium build quality.

Not long ago HiBy unveiled the details of its new flagship DAP, the new HiBy R8, to the world via live stream. The surprise was that HiBy announced two versions of its upcoming R8. One all-aluminum alloy version and the other stainless steel version.


The latest R8 player has a 5.5 full HD 1080p IPS display.

Powerful processor and GPU:

Keeping 4G connectivity in mind, HiBy’s newest R8 flagship is built with the Qualcomm® Snapdragon ™ 660 mobile platform that includes the Adreno 512 mobile graphics unit.
It is the most powerful processor employed in any portable DAP.

4G network support:

The stainless steel version of the R8 has a dedicated data-sim slot for 4G connectivity. Allowing users to stream and download music anywhere without reliance on a WiFi wireless connection. (No voice call support). This allows for seamless upgrade OTAs at any time.

Operating System:

HiBy R8 runs the latest HiBy OS on top of Android 9.0. The combination of Qualcomm® Snapdragon ™ 660 and Android 9.0 allowed him to achieve GMS certification for the R8, meaning that users could download and use any application from the Play Store with a silky smooth and snatcher user interface. There will be no problem to do.

Storage and ROM:

The stainless steel version has 6G RAM and 128GB internal storage capacity. While aluminum alloy version with 64GB internal storage has 4G RAM.

Both models have a USB 3.1 Type-C interface for fast file transfer and support microSD cards with theoretical capacities of up to 2TB.


The R8 has a Gargwuen 10,000mAh (38Wh) battery.

HiBy revealed that they went with a custom battery choice for two purposes, one with the longest battery life possible and two capable of delivering a high voltage / current output.

Dual AK4497 AKM DACs:

HiBy is composed of dual AKM4497 DAC chips with a dual-DAC design that supports up to 768/32 bit PCM and DSD512.
The AK4497 DAC chip has a great battery life and is capable of easily delivering high current output and a high 117dB of SNR (signal to noise ratio)

ELNA capacitors:

The R8’s PCB has 4 high-quality aluminum ELNA seismic II capacitors. These are new custom audio grade capacitors developed by the Japanese company ELNA. The silk fiber is used as raw material for a separate paper.


For the lowest jitter levels, HiBy used two custom second ultra-low jitter crystal oscillators sorted by its own custom FPGA to ensure the best clock accuracy.

Power output:

HiBy reveals demonic power, R8 is capable of 5.9 Vrms 1088mW @ 32? 0.00083% with THD + N and 3.1 Vrms 300mW @ 32? 0.00075% with THD + N.
The company used its custom-designed [OP02] op-amps to reach these impressive levels of power generation.

Output impedance:

Output impedance is 0,4, at rest? For single-output, and 0.8? For balanced output, this ensures the best frequency for low-impedance headphones and the best frequency response for IEMs.

Suitable for very low impedance headphones and IEMs.

noise floor:

For a 4.4 mm balanced output, is the noise level? 8.4uVrms.

As for single-ended? 4.6uVrms.

It is very impressive. Highly sensitive IEM users will have no problem using this very quiet DAP.

Turbo Mode:

For difficult to drive headphones / IEMs, the R8 has a new “turbo mode”. According to HiBy, they included this mode specifically for high-impedance headphones that require too much power and voltage.
With a simple toggle, turbo mode dramatically increases power output and delivers a higher voltage level. However, this level of output power is not suitable for highly sensitive IEMs.

line out:

The R8 includes not one, but two line-out ports. A 3.5mm port with 10K impedance, 2Vrms output, and THD + N? 0.0004%. And another 4.4mm output port with 10K impedance, 4.1 Vrms output, and THD + N? 0.0007%


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