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The description of APK Editor

APK Editor Pro is a powerful tool after that will edit/hack APK documents to do lots of things for fun. It can assist us to do these things as string localization, history image replacement, layout re-architecting, and even advertising casting off, permission doing away with, etc. What it could do relies upon on how you use it. However, to employ it correctly, we need a couple of expert talents.

The software can edit and customize any APK files which have been downloaded. APK Editor Pro allows users to hack and change any APK documents from mobile gadgets. A few of the commands clients can do are renaming apps, translating strings, alter APK icons, regulate the program format, disable any advertisements or popups, receive a new historical past image, create programs that could move to the SD card, eliminate the regulations from several free versions of apps, save you unwanted permissions, and much more.

The utility includes two forms of APK changes. Straightforward Edit is really for the replacement for any subfiles from an APK report. The procedure for changing an APK could be very smooth. Just open the APK file from the file folder or hooked up apps and a option for alterations seems.

Users can alter that APK records in measure with their personal preferences. They can keep their changes after converting the APK by pressing on the upper right icon. It’s intuitive equipment to get the job done. Everyone can do additionally extract the APK report from the hooked up app.

It ought to parse an APK listing into potential supply code. With this program, you can deep into a program arrangement, and you can also extract pix from it.

Here are some guidelines that you use apk editor expert

Example 1: Modify App Name

(1) Select the target app by clicking’Select Apk from App’ and then choosing’Hack App Data’

(2) Editable information is revealed after clicking on the app, enter’Crack’ to search the target string item, then change the value to your favorites. By Way of Example, here we change it to’App Data Hacker’

(3) Click the save button in the upper right corner. After a time, we’ll be told that the modified apk is in somewhere.

(4) Modified apk can be installed from explorer. (But please notice that the original app should be uninstalled before the installation since the package name Isn’t changed)

Example two: Change Background Image

(2) Click the resource’ tab after the editable resource shown, then enter the’drawable’ folder by simply clicking at the item. Click on’hacker_bg. Jpg’ and it’ll prompt us a webpage to select an image to substitute it. Just choose the image you have prepared. (the arrangement MUST be exactly the same, in this case, it must be a jpg file)

(3) Click the save button in the upper right corner. After a time, we will be advised that the modified apk is in someplace.

Example 3: Remove Ad

(2) Click on the resource’ tab following the editable source shown, and then enter the’design’ folder by clicking in the merchandise. Click’activity_main. XML’ and it will show the content of activity_main.xml. Click’Edit’ and scroll to the last line, change




Click the ‘Save’ button at the bottom to save the modification.

(Please be aware that this just make the ad on the main page invisible, but it’s similar for additional pages)

(3) Click the save button in the upper right corner. After a time, we will be told that the altered apk is in somewhere.

Example 4: Make a Program can Transfer to SD Card

(ONLY available in the pro version, try my app”Apps Movable” if you do not have an export version)

(2) Click the ‘Manifest’ tab, and then click in the very top of this manifest (Generally ought to be line two )

Truth 5: Eliminate Unwanted Permissions

(ONLY available in the APK Editor pro version, here We’ll show how to remove internet permission)

(1) Select the target program by clicking’Select Apk from App’ and then choosing’Hack App Data’

(2) Click the ‘Manifest’ tab, then click at the lines of uses-permission (Should be line 4-6). Find out the line which contains the name of”android.permission.INTERNET”.

(3) Extended click in the line, It Is Going to prompt a dialog like:

(4) Click the delete’ menu.

(5) Click the save button in the top right corner. After a time, we’ll be advised that the altered apk is in somewhere.

Reverse engineering is not an easy job, please note:

(1) From the”Resource”/”Manifest” tab, you can try long clicking for more surgeries.

(2) Most crash problems are caused by out of memory. In such a circumstance, please kill all unnecessary apps, completely exit APK Editor, and attempt it again.

(3) Please avoid using it to alter big apk documents, as it may consume a lot of CPU and memory resources which is past the device’s ability.

(4) We do NOT guarantee it can edit all the apks.


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